The nervous event-bar has been closed ilegally by the city police of Zurich in November 2008 – just ONE MONTH after opening. Today we have learned it’s been a criminal attempt by the authorities of Zurich city, lead by lesbian mayor (Corine Mauch) and her ‚entourage‘.

We are able to present this ‚modern‘ version of GAY DISCRIMINATION by a GAY MAFIA, based in Zurich/Switzerland, trying ALL DIRTY TRICKS, to bring us down! NOBODY can image, what’s been done to us:

It started actually great, when we held the opening party, hosting Lilo Wanders on October 10, 2008, operating under a temporary license, announced to be automatically transformed into a permanent one – after 30 days. But instead of doing as promised, the city of Zurich claimed there’s a permission missing to close the nervous event-bar on November 13, 2008 by the Zurich city police (StaPo) with no possibilities of legal handling, as all requested documents have been refused to access. Three months after closing us illegally, the city ‚confessed‘ the missing permission has been found, as it was lost ‚due to an internal communication problem‘. But the damage were made – opening again impossible, due to the financial desaster caused – lasting and ‚following us‘ until TODAY!

We have been lied at for OVER A YEAR to the following subject: The responsible construction departement GUARANTEED us to not close us, IF we RE-APPLY for the missing permission until  the end of 2008 – this were told to us on November 6, 2008. The closed us on November 13, 2008 – AGAINST THIS PROMISE given and later confirmed in court! Why? The police departement of Zurich put PRESSURE on the construction departement TO CLOSE US! This a witness gave to protocol IN COURT! Immediately the city of Zurich paid a 6-digit Swiss Franc amount to SHUT US UP on that issue, but the demonisation of us continued, so that’s why we BROKE OUR ‚SHUT-UP‘-AGREEMENT with the city council of Zurich, to TELL THE TRUTH.

We have missed all support from the ‚Gay Community‘, been attacked by Gay journalists and groups – even when presenting EVIDENCE, it was ignored. And still is  – until today.

The lesbian mayor of Zurich is part of the global GAY MAFIA and owns – besides the SWISS passport – also a second AMERICAN PASSPORT as this ugly lesbian were born in the U.S..

Everything went hand-in-hand in GAY DISCRIMINATING Zurich, millions were spend on diffamation campaigns against us – just to COVER this criminal attempt on us. Everything failed; The SWISS JUSTICE SYSTEM is a FARCE! Everyone is lying – still to cover the truth on this UGLY SCENE called ZURICH.

Please check out our Press Release of August 17 (pls translate from German) to understand, what happened. The official CRIMINALS are still in place being a THREAD to others, innocents, just trying to make a life. Zurich is a

Google ’nervous event-bar‘, ‚Corine Mauch‘, and our names ‚Jens Gloor‘ and ‚Carlos Garotta‘ and you’ll discover TONS of material talking about our case in press, tv and blogspots. The MEDIA were FULL of information on this – especially when the GENERAL ATTORNEY opened investigations on the lesbian mayor Corine Mauch and her gay assistant Dominik Schaub by BLACKMAILING us to SHUT-UP!!! Then Corine Mauch engaged Lorenz Erni (star lawyer who helped also ROMAN POLANSKI, when he were arrested in Switzerland due to child abuse) – everything paid with TAXPAYERs money – of course. Se ‚won‘ – spending millions, but the CRIMINAL EVIDENCE were stronger, so she had to pay a great amount of money, confessing ’something went wrong‘, but hiding the facts and staying in office – until TODAY!

Now this criminal ‚women‘ want’s to get re-elected in 2014 – PLEASE help us to avoid this ABUSE and DECEPTION of the GAY COMMUNITY!

PLEASE BOYCOTT Zurich – as we hat to flee from there to South America in order to protect our lives, telling the truth! Swiss Justice is IGNORING the case with GREAT professionalism! Zurich doesn’t like GAYS – the just want YOUR MONEY!

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